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Viennese Cuisine Englisch
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Vienna's world-famous culinary heritage

Vienna - has always been a city of gourmets and gourmands, good food is at the heart of Vienna's love of life and joy. Grown and refined under the protection of the Habsburg double-headed eagle, the Viennese cuisine has become a rich culinary heritage to us.

It brings together the best of what once had to offer the wide realm: dumplings and noodles from Bohemia, inspired by the Hungarian Puszta Goulash and of course the highlights of the imperial court cuisine: Boiled beef and "Sachertorte", apple strudel and "Wiener Schnitzel".

The author Renate Wagner Wittula, an excellent connoisseur of Viennese cooking traditions, and reveals how Viennese cuisine is light and easy duplicating the dishes today, and presents all the legendary classic. The cooking instructions are clear and concise written and therefore easy to understand even for amateur cooks. Of advice and tips for the modern kitchen everyday, this book is a practical guide, helpful in every household.

  • Author: Renate Wagner Wittula
  • ISBN: 9783854316299
  • book bound
  • 128 pages
  • Publisher: Pichler



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